737 Max 9 Is Boeing’s Latest Aircraft Model And Business Solution

boeing 737 max 9 plane
On March 08th, Boeing rolled out its latest aircraft model. This is called the 737 Max 9.

On March 08th, Boeing rolled out its latest aircraft model. This is called the 737 Max 9 and is part of the MAX family. This newest jetliner is expected to carry out its first fight sometime in May 2017.

Early Tuesday came with a milestone for the MAX aircraft family. Boeing just rolled out the 737 Max 9, its latest jetliner model. Not only is it the newest, this second family model is also its largest yet.

The first model, the MAX 8 was rolled out of the factory back in December 2015. Compared to its precursor, the 737 MAX 9 is 9 feet longer. The new model was presented as having a maximum seat capacity of 220 passengers. Its flight range was estimated at around 3,515 nautical miles.

Following its factory rollout, Boeing will initiate the next step before launching the plane. It will be initiating system checks for 737 MAX 9. The jetliner will also be carrying out some fueling and engine runs. These will be taking place on the flight line.

Once these procedures are completed, the plane should be ready to begin flight tests. These will reportedly be taking place over the next following weeks. Flight tests are considered the final verification phases. They can attest the overall performance and operational characteristics of a new plane.

737 MAX 9 could come as quite a business solution for Boeing. Keith Leverkuhn offered details on the matter. He is the Boeing Commercial Airplanes Vice President and 737 MAX program General Manager. According to him, the company’s primary focus is to offer the ‘already known’ 737 reliability. But at the same time, to also come with an increased range capability and optimized flexibility.

The new 737 MAX 9 will be coming with various aerodynamic enhancements and new engines. Boeing’s MAX family is mostly used for short- or medium-haul flights. Such jetliners are used all over the globe by various companies.

Nonetheless, this latest plane will reportedly be able to fly even up to 3,515 miles non-stop. As such, it should be able to fly routes such as New York – London without any stops. Which may also be bringing in a new type of passengers, ones interested in rapid flights over longer routes.

Presently, the MAX family gathered around 3,600 orders. Prior to its rollout, the 737 MAX 9 only accounted for about 220 of them. It remains to be seen if these numbers will be changing now that a first jetliner was rolled out.

The 737 MAX 9 could also potentially work as a replacement for Boeing’s MOM. This latter is the “middle of the market”. For many years, Boeing relied on the 757. First introduced back in the 1980s, Boeing stopped producing them back in 2004.

As it is, this new MAX 9 could come to replacement the 757. It could be replacing it from both a passenger and a business point of view. Especially as 757’s niche is predicted to be an even more lucrative one.

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