AirAsia X Flight Shakes Like a “Washing Machine” After Problem

On Sunday, an AirAsia X flight which needed to arrive in Kuala Lumpur was forced to unexpectedly turn back. According to witnesses, a technical issue which occurred mid-air made the cabin of the plane shake like “a washing machine”. The flight was carrying 359 passengers and it left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, only to return at 10 a.m. According to reports, the problem had to do with the plane’s engine which caused the uncontrollable shaking that scared the passengers. One of them even said that he heard a loud noise like an explosion, coming from the left-side engine.

Shaking like a “washing machine”

The passenger continued by saying that after the explosion, the entire cabin of the plane stated to shake uncontrollably and to bounce. However, the captain’s skills and calm nature kept the situation under control. He said that everyone was scared and worried about what might have happened, but it’s good that the plane finally landed safely. Many of the passengers filmed the frightening way in which the plane was shaking after that explosion. Some of them even admitted that they thought they were going to die. Other people were posting on Twitter asking for help because their relatives were on the plane.

Another passenger declared that the people got even more scared when the crew’s reaction gave away the fact that it was not just a turbulence, but something far more serious. At one point, the crew started telling the passengers to say a prayer. Also, to hope that they were all going to come back home safe. Many people began crying and calling their families. However, there was nothing anyone could have done, except have faith and trust the captain.

A terrible scare

According to a statement from AirAsia Berhad, their ground staff attended to the needs of the passengers upon their arrival back in Perth. They also offered the necessary assistance to everyone who needed it. However, they failed to reveal the exact cause of the mid-air problem. Still, they mentioned that the engineers are checking the aircraft in order to be sure that everything else was fine. The staff reportedly transferred the passengers to the next available flight or to a recovery one. Finally, everyone arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur, one way or another.

Image source: wikimedia

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