AirAsia Flight Staff Accused of Screaming and Frightening Passengers

On Sunday, the flight crew of an AirAsia flight which departed from Perth and was bound for Bali has harshly criticized by the passengers. The reason for this was their attitude when the aircraft reportedly dropped 20,000 feet. According to the passengers, the entire crew started screaming maniacally and frightened the people inside.

After the plane landed normally and safely back in Perth, a passenger explained that the staff’s behavior panicked everyone. They were screaming, had a shocked look on their faces and had teary eyes. The flight crew should offer assistance and reassurance to the passengers when there is an unexpected situation. Instead, they did nothing else but create panic. Nobody was panicked until they started screaming and shouting for the passengers to “get down.” After that, the oxygen masks were deployed.

The flight crew frightened the passengers

According to official data, the AirAsia plane was an AirBus A320. Moreover, it seems like what happened is a normal practice for pilots in order to do that in case the cabin depressurizes. The plane suddenly dropped from about 34,000 feet to 10,000 feet in just a few minutes. However, according to the company, they returned the flight to Perth because there was a technical issue going on.

In an official statement, the head of safety from AirAsia Group said that the pilots did well to return to Perth and make sure that the plane landed safely. It’s the official procedure that must be applied in such cases. He continued by saying that the safety of the passengers and the crew is everything that matters. Also, that the company is going to continue to ensure this, in the hope that nothing bad will ever happen to their passengers.

Not the first such incident

It’s interesting that on Sunday, the plane was examined. However, there was no official report as to what the technical difficulty was. As for the passengers’ allegation regarding their behavior, the crew of the flight didn’t issue any comment.

Still, it’s worth noting that this is not the first incident that the budget company has been involved in. Back in June, one of their pilots encouraged the passengers of a flight from Malaysia to Perth to start praying. Back then, a technical problem caused the plane to shake uncontrollably.

Image source: wikimedia

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