Two Airline Companies in US Refuse to Transport Migrant Children Away from their Parents

The immigration problem is one of the hottest topics in US at the moment. Everyone debated the problem of migrant children who were far away from their parents, so a few flying companies decided to take action. United Airlines and American Airlines declared they would not transport any migrant children separated from their parents.

Airline companies don’t want to separate migrant children from their parents

The Trump administration has been under attack lately after it suggested a policy on separating the parents and children in migrant families. However, after facing such an extreme opposition, the president decided families should stay together, so he signed an order on it.

However, the debate was far from being over. A few flight attendants posted fiery messages on social media after they stumbled upon young passengers on their flights. Judging from their appearance, they looked as they had been migrant children far away from their parents.

As a result, United Airlines and American Airlines took action against these practices. Both companies released statements where they said they didn’t want to be associated with separating families. If they took part in these actions, it would mean they would promote them and make money out of it. Therefore, both companies decided to step away from it and refuse to transport migrant children without their parents.

The government had a harsh response at this airline initiative

The situation created a lot more controversy, as the Homeland Security Department offered a harsh response. It turns out the Department blamed the airline companies for their actions, saying they were not helping the government. The purpose of these trips was to bring children together with their parents while also protecting other travelers.

All these actions had a good result, as President Trump signed the order that should keep migrant families together. However, these families should reunite at the US southern border, and all the other policies stay the same. This means the zero tolerance policy still holds.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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