Amazon to Review Website after Suggestions of Bomb Materials

On Wednesday, giant company Amazon promised to analyze one of the website’s algorithms which was supposedly suggesting bomb-making materials to customers after buying from there. It all began after a media company from the United Kingdom noticed the anomaly. They said that the website was suggesting things like detonators or steel ball bearings in the “Frequently bought together” tag.

What the person bought didn’t have any influence on those bizarre suggestions. They would still appear no matter what. According to the outlet, it’s completely legal to buy those objects by themselves. However, someone who knows a thing or two about bombs could have easily manufactured one from them.

Amazon suggesting materials for bomb-making

So, in an official statement, Amazon said that the company is only selling products which comply with the laws of the respective country and which follow their own guidelines. Because of this and because the bizarre suggestions, the company said that it’s going to review the website and the problematic algorithm that may have caused this anomaly. Moreover, in the same statement, Amazon also explained that they have always and will continue to work with the authorities. They want to assist them in certain investigations where they might need the help of the company.

According to the same British channel, there have been such cases in the past. The authorities have successfully caught people after analyzing their purchase history and discovering dangerous objects. Most of them were using those objects to create home-made explosive devices. This is probably why people began questioning the website’s ways when they saw the unusual suggestions.

Also, people are still afraid, especially after the September 15 terror attack at the London subway. A home-made bomb reportedly went off in a crowded train at the London Underground. The explosive device reportedly seriously injured about 30 people. The attacker reportedly placed it in a bucket. Fortunately, nobody died.

Amazon will investigate the situation

Even if Amazon promised to look into the situation, this is not the only case when a website received criticism. Both Google and Facebook received backlash after supposedly allowing advertisers to target certain anti-Semitic or racist audiences or even keywords. All in all, it seems like Amazon is the latest big company to have problems with these kinds of issues.

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