Amazon Opens New Bookstore in New York

Everybody knows that Amazon is currently dominating the entire online shopping business. Still, an actual physical Amazon store is still a rare thing to see in a city. However, on Thursday, the company opened its seventh bookshop in New York. People queued in front of it. Some were taking selfies while others were just tourists or loyal Amazon clients who were eager to experience the feeling of a bricks and mortar shop in their city. Many clients said that a physical shop makes everything feel more accessible for the clients. It’s easy to buy things online, but it’s also nice to walk around between shelves full of books.

A new Amazon bookstore

Amazon opened its first bookstore in Seattle back in 2015. It’s interesting that the company plans to have 13 of those in the United States by the end of the year. It has also become more prominent in campuses and is currently also experimenting with grocery stores. Still, according to analyst Tuna Amobi, the physical retail stores are still only a small portion of Amazon’s business. However, even on this small scale, a retail store is different than online shopping and has its benefits. The Amazon Prime subscription is also beneficial in retail stores because clients buy books at the online price. Those who do not have it must pay the list price.

So, those bricks and mortar stores are beneficial because the company can get closer to the clients and interact with them. Also, those Amazon physical stores put even more pressure on the smaller rival companies. Jennifer Cast, the vice president of Amazon Books, is saying that the company is extremely client-oriented and that this drives the real-word expansion. Moreover, it seems like clients have been asking for a real store in which they can test the Amazon products like the Kindle e-reader. Also, it must be noted that the company has a lot of information on what people like to read. They can put that to good use in their physical stores.

Expanding the horizon

This New York store is on the third floor of the city’s most visited shopping malls. Many clients have asked if Amazon opened a showroom. They were really surprised when they found out that it was actually a bookstore. So, it seems like Amazon is looking to expand its horizons and gain even more customers. At the pace the business is going, they might succeed.

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