Amazon Go to Expand to Six More Locations in Seattle

Amazon Go
The company wants to open up six more Amazon Go stores around Seattle.

After announcing that it managed to beat Walmart during the holidays, Amazon has announced the opening of six brand new and spiffy cashierless shops in six undisclosed Seattle areas. The first store of this kind was opened back in January by the company who wants to offer an unparalleled customer experience.

What is Amazon Go?

For those of you who don’t know about Amazon’s brainchild in terms of shopping, Amazon Go is a concept store opened in January 2018, where customers are able to browse and buy items without having to interact with a cashier or sales representative.

According to Amazon, the technology on which this concept store is based revolves around 3D mapping and AI vision. Upon entering the store, a customer will be asked to present his or her Amazon Go code, which can be generated by downloading and installing the smartphone application.

Once the code is scanned, the customer will be granted access to the store, where they will be able to buy items from Amazon or its affiliates. During the visit, high-tech cameras will take a gander at the contents of a client’s basket in order to determine the total amount.

When you’re ready to leave the store, you need only go to the exit and the Amazon Go software will simply deduct the amount directly from your bank account. However, if the system bills you for an item you’ve bought from the store, you only need to go back for a rescan in order to be refunded.

Following the company’s colossal success with the cashierless store, Amazon is thinking about opening six more stores around Seattle and, perhaps, around the country. Rumors have it that the company is currently negotiating with The Groove’s owner to rent out an Amazon Go store place at the 600,000 square-foot luxury mall.

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