Amazon Opens First Cashierless Store for Public

Amazon Go, the first cashierless store publicly opened recently in Seattle, after a 14-months trial. The convenience store uses the Amazon Go app and a linked Amazon account on users’ smartphone. The store emphasizes a Just Walk Out concept for the public.

To make a purchase, customers need to scan their phone when entering the store. There are cameras and sensors following them while they browse through shelves and items that are taken of the shelf add up to a virtual cart. Upon leaving, the app charges customers’ accounts.

It takes selection, price and convenience… I think we’re delivering on all three, said Amazon Go vice president Gianna Puerini.

Reactions to the Cashierless Store

However, the bold initiative already gained critics among grocery-store workers’ unions. The union representatives were angry that cashiers will no longer be necessary since Amazon automates their work in a physical store. Some reporters have mentioned that customers seemed to be overall hesitant.

Also, an American vlogger has made an outstanding statement in a video he released Saturday. The vlogger stole feminine hygiene pads from the store to prove that the store uses an honor system that might encourage customers to take products without paying for them. In the video, he says that in order not to pay for an item, you only need to remove it from your virtual cart. The video already has over 1,5 million views.

The Amazon Go vice president declared that she would be thrilled to open more cashier-free stores. Nevertheless, sources claim that only one store as this one needs thousand of office workers in a nearby area.

The cashierless store uses people-tracking technology that delayed the opening of the convenience store, which was scheduled for early 2017. The 1,800-square-foot store has prices similar to small stores, according to reporters.

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