Amazon Introduces Instant Pickup Points in the U.S.

According to recent reports, giant Amazon has finally introduced their much-anticipated Instant Pickup Points in some areas in the United States. Those are part of a project which is meant to grow physical retail when it comes to Amazon. The Pickup Points allow buyers to pick up their orders within about two minutes of making the acquisition. Tit must be noted that the points work only for certain products. At the moment, people can find those points within five campuses, like Berkeley. However, by the end of the year, Amazon is planning to expand its project.

Amazon’s Instant Pickup Points

This latest addition is part of Amazon’s purpose of making their customers wait even shorter periods of time for their items. So, after placing an order on the e-commerce website, they will only have to go to the nearest Pickup Point and get their items. The program works for hundreds of them so people will surely see the benefit of this program. Among the available items will be those which people often buy in large quantities or frequently. For example, phone chargers or even food and drinks. Basically, the Pickup Points will satisfy the needs of those who cannot help but buy certain things online. Sometimes, things they will not ever use and don’t need.

How does this program work? There will be Amazon employees at each Pickup Point. They will select the items people have ordered and get them ready for when the person comes. Then, they will put those in some special lockers which have a certain code. The buyer should receive this code upon placing the command and selecting that they want to get their items from an Instant Pickup Point. The price is another benefit of this program, as it’s lower than that for a normal delivery.

The age of speed

It’s interesting that Amazon has reportedly thought about making the Pickup Point delivery an automatic option. However, for now, people can still choose the way they want to receive their goods. It’s worth noting that the fact that Amazon has recently bought Whole Foods might play a big part in this new project. The e-commerce giant can easily place those Pickup Points inside the Whole Foods stores all over the country.

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