Amazon Is Planning On Hiring 100000 With Some Thousands In Just A Day

Earlier this year,, Inc. announced its intention of hiring 100000 people over the following 18 months or by the half of 2018. As part of its plan, it will also be looking to hire thousands of people in just a day, Wednesday, August 02.

Through this hiring spree, Amazon will be looking to expand its services and outreach. It will also be keeping in line with its past hiring plans. According to the company’s quarterly filings, Amazon hired a total number of 123,700 people at a global level over the past 15 months that ended with September 2016. By that time, the company reported a total of 306,800 part-time and full-time employees globally.

In Its Plan of Hiring 100000 Amazon Will be Hosting a Jobs Fair

As part of its hiring plan, Amazon will be organizing a jobs fair across the United States on Wednesday, July 02. Thousands of workplaces will be up for grabs, most of them being targeted towards reaching the 100,000 new full-time employees target.

This giant job fair will be held in nearly a dozen warehouses and will include ‘hired on the spot’ position. However, these jobs will be at fulfillment centers, so they will involve packing or sorting boxes or helping ship them to customers.

Of the available workplaces, almost 40,000 of the 50,000 offered jobs, will be full-time positions. With this jobs fair, Amazon could also be taking a head start at the holiday season hiring spree. At the time, many major retailers offer and look for seasonal workers to help them meet market demands.

Amazon’s job fair will begin at 8 a.m. local time and will include sessions with company representatives and tours of the warehouses. Job prospectors will also get a look at the facilities’ automation technology. According to the Amazon jobs listing, payment will differ according to state, but the starting rate is set at around $13/hour for full-time workers.

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