Amazon Prime Comes Up with Discount Plan to Attract More Customers to Whole Foods

In a bid to attract even more customers to the recently acquired Whole Foods, Amazon Prime came up with an aggressive discount plan. Announced on Wednesday, the plan will be road-tested in Florida before being made available to the rest of the United States.

Amazon Prime Members Will Needs to Use the Companion Smartphone App

On Wednesday, an Amazon spokesperson announced that all Prime and Whole Foods Market members would receive a 10 percent discount.

This announcement came shortly after the company published its plans of easing the merger between Whole Foods and Amazon.

Since it acquired Whole Foods back in August, Amazon Prime has lowered prices on selected items to attract more customers.

According to Amazon Prime’s statement, not all items will come at a discount. The full list will be made available on the company’s official website.

To get the discount, you will need an Amazon or Whole Foods account.

Download the Whole Foods application and head to the “discounts” section.

The application will automatically generate a discount code which can be used during your upcoming shopping session.

The cashier will simply scan the code and apply the discount. Bear in mind that not all items are eligible for the discount.

How will Amazon Prime’s aggressive marketing stance benefit the company?

Bob Hetu, Gartner’s retail industry analyst, declared that Amazon Prime’s move is bound to attract more customers, and, of course, boost profits.


There’s another side to the discount plan. As Hetu explained, customers attracted by the offer will surely use the discount to buy their favorite items. Using collected data, competitors might want to push for a similar offer.

As far as the offer goes, Amazon Prime announced that it would first be tested in Florida and, if all goes according to plan, it will extend to the rest of the country.

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