Amazon Is Slowly Taking Over the World One Subscription at a Time

Amazon is trying to pan out and offer all services ever needed. From Alexa – an AI that many are saying is better than most of its kind currently on the market – to the biggest sales platform from the online environment, the company is now proudly presenting Subscribe with Amazon – a self-service subscription service that competes with the likes of Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

The Power of Amazon

Each year, billions of people browse Amazon, hundreds of millions buying or bidding on its featured products. However, until now, subscriptions or apps were only available through 2 big companies Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Their shared monopoly dictated prices, targets, and many other variables that will soon be eliminated via Amazon’s new subscription service.

Amazon is currently offering a third alternative to companies that want to sell digital subscriptions, Google and Apple no longer calling the shots. Moreover, since the hundreds of millions of users already have their credit information linked to their Amazon accounts, it will be easier for them to subscribe to an online publication via Subscribe with Amazon.

Amazon Registered a Roaring Success with a Similar Project in 2015

Two years ago, Amazon started offering subscriptions to video services the likes of Seeso and Starz. While entertainment companies were not convinced during the first months of the project, sales soared, Amazon quickly becoming the largest provider of subscriptions.

Small companies can benefit the most from this new service. With Google and Apple, they had to heavily invest in ads and hope that they will benefit from visibility, lost in the plethora of thousands of other, bigger companies with considerable more followers that were featured in better spots on the download pages.

Now, even though they also risk being lost among all other services provided by the giant, small companies still have a better chance at selling subscriptions thanks to Amazon’s suggested algorithm.

When it comes to selling subscriptions, Amazon is an expert. The company managed to sell up to 70 million subscriptions to its Prime Shopping Club, alone. In 2016, it managed to sell over $6 billion worth of subscriptions to various services and eBooks.

Subscribe with Amazon has the opportunity of dethroning Google Play and Apple’s App Store, offering more opportunities to small, independent businesses, and heavily betting on the commodity and trust of its clientele.

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