Andrew Ng Just Resigned From His Baidu Position As Chief Scientist

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Early on March 22nd, Andrew Ng announced that he will be leaving Baidu.

Early on March 22nd, Andrew Ng announced that he will be leaving Baidu. He held an important position within the company, that of Chief Scientist in the AI field. Some of the consequences of his decision are reportedly already being felt. Ng will depart from the company in April.

Andrew Ng And His AI Experience

Andrew Ng is considered one of the lead voices in artificial intelligence. This latter is seen as one of the most important up-and-coming technologies as it may have a big impact on humanity’s lifestyle. As it is, Ng is the founder or worked with various platforms from this field. He is the founder of the Google Brain project. Also, before coming to Baidu, he worked with Coursera, the online education platform.

The Chinese tech, Baidu, is quite invested and investing in the Ai field. This only increased back in 2014 as Andrew Ng joined the company. However, they may now be facing a setback, according to some media reports. Ng announced his decision to leave Baidu on March 22nd.

Early on Wednesday morning, he posted a tweet linking to his new Medium blog post. It in, he revealed his decision to leave the Chinese firm. He also offered details as to Baidu’s AI segment and his future plans.

According to Ng, since he joined the company, Baidu AI department increased to include about 1,300 people. 300 of them are specifically involved in the Baidu Research. The company’s AI technology is reportedly being used by some hundreds of millions of people.

This has led to a ”tremendous impact” on both the company products and revenue. The AI projects seemingly helped support Baidu’s business in advertising, security, consumer finance, search, maps, take-out deliveries, and many more.

As it is, Andrew Ng is confident that Baidu’s AI segment will continue growing. He considers that this team is incredibly talented, and he is confident that their project and segment will continue “to flourish”.

Andrew Ng’s Future Plans And The Consequences Of His Departure

According to his blog post, Andrew Ng will continue his AI work. In the Medium-posted statement, he declared that:

“I am excited to continue working toward the AI transformation of our society and the use of Ai to make life better for everyone”.

The same Ng expressed his great enthusiasm about the future of this segment. He declared himself to be “more optimistic than ever” about AI and the “fantastic future” that will be built based on it.

Baidu is considered one the leading AI companies in the world. Earlier this month, Robin Li, its CEO, stated that the tech firm will be “aggressively investing” in AI from now on. He also considers that “era of mobile has ended”.

However, following Ng’s announcement, the company’s shares registered a fall. On Wednesday, Baidu decreased on the New York Nasdaq stock market. Its per share price decreased to $170 from their previous $177. As some analysts pointed out, this would equate to an estimated $1.5 billion loss, in total.

The company’s market cap could also register a decrease. Although several other factors were also at play in the fall, most consider Andrew Ng’s resignation a big loss for Baidu.

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