What Did the Anti Bias Training Mean for Starbucks?

After a recent incident concerning a store in Philadelphia, Starbucks decided to close 8,000 of its facilities in the US and run an anti bias training for its employees. While about 180,000 people were at this training on Tuesday, the stores stood closed for three hours or even more. Of course, such an event couldn’t come without financial consequences.

Starbucks ran the anti bias training for all US employees

In April, a racial incident took place in a Starbucks store from Philadelphia which took the entire US by storm. Two African-American people were waiting in the store for a friend without making any fuss. Suddenly, the manager decided to call the police because they were sitting there without ordering.

When they arrived, the police arrested the two people but let them go soon afterwards, as they clarified the situation. At this, Starbucks immediately apologized and decided to teach its employees a lesson. Many people protested against this racial incident, so the CEO of the company organized this anti bias training.

Tuesday was the first day of this training. Soon after they returned from their lunch break, employees from 8,000 stores had to leave their jobs and learn about discrimination. Among the topics they will discuss, there will be race, but also matters of gender, class, and sexuality. However, these sessions aren’t open for the public.

The training brings its own consequences

The anti bias training is a great initiative from a social point of view, but it didn’t come without consequences. Having all the stores closed for several hours had a great impact on the finances of the company. Analysists tried to estimate the losses this could bring and obtained around $16.7 million.

If you add this to the total costs of the anti bias training, the situation isn’t too bright. Experts assessed these training sessions as well and saw they might cost the company around $12 million. While this is a great strategy to improve the image of the company, the costs might be too hard for Starbucks to handle. US brings Starbucks an important number of customers, so keeping all stores closed can be a serious financial blow.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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