Should Apple Add Wireless Charging to the iPhone?

For years, the wireless charging technology seemed like the next step into the future. At one point, it looked like every modern smartphone was going to have it. After that, manufacturers started to give up on the ideas. Now, with the confirmation that the next iPhone will indeed have wireless charging we are left to wonder whether or not its time has finally come. On June 14, Wistron CEO, the company which signed a deal with Apple to assemble the products in India, seemed to confirm that the upcoming iPhone will indeed come with wireless charging and will be completely waterproof.

Wireless charging for the next iPhone?

The thing with Wistron is that Apple closed a deal with them to assemble older iPhones in order to extend its presence in India. After a shareholder meeting, CEO Robert Hwang told some reporters that even if the assembly process for older generations of iPhone hasn’t changed at all, the news ones require some more work. Especially the waterproof testing and the wireless charging technology which can alter the process a little. So, according to what he said, his company is currently trying to figure out how to approach the assembly process of these new models. The only problem is that at the moment, Wistron is only assembling the iPhone SE.

Apple also didn’t comment at all. Hwang’s declaration is interesting because Apple has been rumored to add wireless charging to their upcoming devices for quite some time. Another confirmation seemed to have been the fact that Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium. This technology seemed to have been close to reality when the AirFuel Alliance was formed. However, they haven’t said anything and didn’t come up with any innovative ideas since then.

Will it finally be a reality?

It’s worth noting that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 supports wireless charging. Google also wanted to incorporate wireless charging into the Nexus 5 and 6. Also, according to a report, the majority of users charge their phones using a cable. So, is it worth the struggle? People surely want this technology on their phones, but will they use it when they’ll have it? This is uncertain. Maybe this is why manufacturers are still careful. However, at one point, someone will need to take the big step forward.

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