Apple Engineer Fired After Daughter Shows iPhone X

According to some recent media reports, Apple has fired one of its engineers for a surprising reason. After paying a visit to his job, his daughter filmed a hands-on session with the new and unreleased iPhone X. She posted the whole video on her YouTube channel and it immediately went viral. The news reached the company and her father was supposedly sacked.

Brooke Amelia Peterson posted the video last week. During it, she is documenting her entire trip to her father’s working place, the Apple campus. The controversial hands-on session took place inside the Caffe Macs. The main problem was that the video also showed some QR codes that only employees are supposed to have access to. This was probably the main reason why the tech giant decided to fire the man, apart from the behavior of his daughter.

Apple engineer fired because of his daughter

According to some other reports, at one point in the video, the girl shows a notes app on the iPhone X. The problem was that it included various codenames for some Apple products that are yet to be released. Moreover, it seems like you are not allowed to film or take pictures inside the campus. So, when it comes to the iPhone X, which is yet to arrive in the hands of the customers, the same rules apply.

During the hands-on, the girl also shows a lot of the phone’s apps, the notification screen and the home screen. Peterson herself posted a second video in which she is informing people about the situation with her father.

It seems like he had been working at the company for about four years. Apple asked the girl to remove the video, but it was a bit too late. Everyone saw it because it went viral in a short period of time. People will be able to buy the iPhone X starting November 3.

Image source: pixabay

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