Apple Still Is The Tablet Market Sales Leader

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According to the latest reports, Apple still is the tablet market sales leader.

According to the latest reports, Apple still is the tablet market sales leader even as the segment has continued falling amidst the users losing interest.

The tablet market seems to be on a downwards path. Over the past two years, the segment has continued to register a fall in the demands. But even in such conditions, it still has a market sales leader. And according to reports, this is still Apple.

February 02 saw the release of a tablet market sales survey. This analyzed the segment’s results over the fourth quarter. And they were not encouraging. According to the Thursday survey, the sales are still decreasing.

Compared to the same quarter last year, they fell by 20 percent. An estimated number of 52.9 million units were sold. This is according to IDC. International Data Corporation or IDC is a market research, advisory, and analysis firm. It is specialized in the technology and telecommunication domains.

Strategy Analytics reported a different value. They are also a research, analytics, and advisory company. According to them, the tablet market sales fell by 9 percent. And the sold units reached a 63.5 million mark.

IDC analysts also released a full year report. According to it, the overall 2016 sale numbers decreased by 15.6 percent. The tablet market reportedly sold 178.4 million devices over the whole year. This also marks another fact. 2016 is the second, consecutive year in which this technology domain reported a decrease.

This may seem surprising to seem. Especially when taking into consideration another fact. Up till 2015, the tablet market sales had been registering a sizzling growth period.

According to the analysts, the market slump is quite easily explainable. It is related to the user’s shift in focus. Most seem to be turning away from the “slate” tablet. Instead, they are turning towards other market areas. The smartphone market is still growing. As it the versatile devices offer.

These latter include units with detachable keyboards, for examples. But they also multiple categorizations. They can be called both tablets and PCs. But both these markets are still reporting a fall.

“Slate” tablets are the typical market options. They lack a dedicated keyboard. According to reports, they continue losing relevancy. And this trend was registered at a worldwide level. As such, the tablet market sales decline is a global trend.

Nonetheless, even a falling market has its leading products. And these are the Apple products. The apple brand reported its Q4 tablet market results earlier this week. According to them, the company sold about 13.1 million iPads. This marked an almost 19 percent. The result was compared to the previous year’s same quarter.

IDC reported that Apple held about 24.7 percent of the tablet market sales. Strategy Analytics estimated a slightly lower percent. This was calculated at about 20.6 percent.

Apple was followed by Samsung. According to reports, the South Korean company sold over 8 million tablets. Amazon was also amongst the most important market players.

Reports show that its Fire tablets sold in between 3.4 to 5.2 million units. This would place its market share at either 5.4 or 10 percent. The values differ in accordance to the market analyst.

Lenovo and Huawei complete the top 5 tablet market players. Windows-powered tablet sales registered a growth as well. Compared to last year, they sold 19 percent more units, according to Strategy Analytics. Most of their sales targeted Surface family devices.

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