Story of Australian Boy Booking Solo Flight to Bali Highlights System Issues

Although Drew’s brazen adventure made headlines around the world, his parents declared that the ease of his departure only reinforces the idea that something is terribly wrong with the system. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the 12-year-old Australian boy managed to fly from Australia to Bali after stealing his mother’s credit card.

Australian Boy Book Flight from Perth to Bali After Grandma Reveals Where His Passport Is

Emma, Drew’s mother, declared during her Fitzy and Wippa radio show appearance, that what happened to his son is not an example of bad parenting but rather an alarming symptom of a diseased system.

The woman recalled spending four days searching for her son until she discovered a picture posted by Drew on his social media account, placing him in Bali.

The boy’s mother declared that this isn’t the boy’s first attempt to run away from home to some exotic destination. Last year, Drew was brought home by the Australian authorities after he tried booking a flight to Bali with Garuda and Qantas. Since then, Emma’s been hiding his passport to prevent another accident.

However, after doing a little research about Jetstar’s slightly relaxed low-class booking policies, the Australian boy talked his grandmother into revealing where the passport was kept.

The boy grabbed his belongings, took a train to Perth, and boarded the flight to Bali, where he was discovered several days later.

According to his mother, the boy spent time drinking beer on the beach, riding a rented scooter, and sightseeing. After discovering his location, Emma and her boyfriend alerted the local authorities who kept the Australian inside a police station.


After the boy was recovered, Emma stated that the endless waves of criticism regarding her parenting skills are unwarranted. More than that, she pointed out that a system incapable of stopping a boy from fleeing the country should be thoroughly reviewed.


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