Washington Post Starts the New Year with Bigger Staff of Journalists

the washington post building
Washington Post will reinforce its market position with a much bigger staff.

Newspapers are far from becoming an extinct source of information and Washington Post is the living proof for that. The publication had one of the most profitable years in its history. The traffic of readers reached booming levels and the revenue increased accordingly. Thanks to these impressive stats, Washington Post earned the fourth place among the most popular American newspapers. The organization will not stop here though. On the contrary, it pursues higher goals. As a consequence, Washington Post will start 2017 with a bigger staff and will open around 60 vacant newsroom jobs.

Washington Post had a booming year. However, it still has to catch up with its competition, comprised of the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. One way to become more popular in the eyes of the American readership is to recruit more talents than ever before. Thus, as of January 2017, the publication will expect a series of resumes to fill in around 60 new positions within its organization.

Fred Ryan, the CEO of the newspaper, confirmed these rumors. He recently stated that Washington Post is opening its doors for dozens of journalists. This announcement can be only the outcome of a company that is in full growth. The number of new hires was not yet made public. The new direction is still in a debating stage where the management is deciding the details. However, given the high success the publication enjoyed in 2016, specialists think that the number will reach more than five dozens of new journalists.

The record revenue enabled Washington Post to choose the path of expansion. There will be a bigger staff with the future new members distributed in strategic key points. To support the new digital and visual direction of the modern world, the company plans to increase the numbers of its journalists in certain hot fields such as video journalism, breaking news, podcasts, and photography areas.

The publication belongs to Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon. The businessman acquired Washington Post in October 2013, and in 2015 he invested half a billion dollars in its new acquisition. Fred Ryan confirmed that this investment was a profitable one, as the company continues to grow and expand. This past year, the number of subscribers has increased by 75% while the online traffic has become twice as powerful as before.

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