Bill Gates Proved That He Doesn’t Know His Grocery Prices

Bill Gates
Bill Gates proved during The Ellen Show that it’s been a while since he set food inside a grocery store.

Bill Gates, the second richest man on the planet, with a net worth estimated at $91.7 billion, proved during Ellen DeGeneres’ The Ellen Show, that his out of touch with everything related to grocery shopping.

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If you’ve ever asked yourself the question ‘how do reach people handle their groceries?’, the painfully obvious answer is that they don’t, a point proven by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

The second richest man in the world featured in the latest edition of The Ellen Show, where the host decided to put him to the test. Gates’ would have had to guess the prices of various grocery store items such as laundry pod detergent, dental floss or pizza roll.

If he managed to guess all prices, with a dollar error margin, all the crowd members would receive a prize from the show’s producer.

Unfortunately, Gates’ initial answer was not only displeasing to the public, but they’ve also settled the fact that it’s been a while since the billionaire set foot inside a grocery store. When asked to estimate the price of a box of pizza rolls, Bill Gates answered $22, whereas an artichoke dip should be under ten bucks according to Gates.

Following his initial answers, Bill Gates managed to pass his test, with a little help from the audience. To name but a few of the billionaire’s answer, when asked about the price of a Tide pods box, his answer was $10, whereas the correct price is $20.

Despite, Bill Gates’ apparent confusion regarding shopping prices, the charity foundation he runs with Melinda Gates, his spouse, donated over $4 billion per year to various cause such as vaccination, battling inequality, or fighting incurable conditions.

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