Salon to Combat Ad-Suppressing Software by Introducing Legit On-Page Bitcoin Miners

Bitcoin miners.
Salon to use bitcoin miners in order to increase ad revenue.

In an attempt to counter ad-suppressing software that results in less revenue for companies who rely on PTC schemes, Salon has announced that its website will use several legit Bitcoin miners. Users will be asked to deactivate their ad blockers and allow the miner to user part of their PCs resources in order to generate ad revenue.

Miners Will Increase Bitcoin Portfolios Based on Bounce Rate and Traffic

According to a Salon spokesperson, starting on Sunday, the company will update their online monetization scheme by including Monero, a cryptocurrency miner that will generate bitcoins based on a website’s bounce rate (the average time a user spends on a page) and monthly traffic.

Since ad-blocking or ad-suppressing software have grown in popularity, more and more users choose to install this third-party application in an attempt to mute pop-up-like ads or any type of ads displayed on a page, much to the detriment of the site’s owner, heavily reliant on online monetization forms.

In order to counter this ever-increasing trend, Salon will now include cryptocurrency Monero in the website’s code to generate Bitcoin during each visit. Users will be asked to agree to the updated privacy policy, which allows Monero to use part of their PC’s resources in order to generate a steady income.

Some of the users have voiced their concern over Salon’s cryptocurrency mining scheme, since Monero and Coinhive, the mining software, have been used in the past in illicit dark web transaction. There’s also the matter of monetization, as the miner and software require a 5-minute bounce rate and at least one million visits 0.27 cryptocoins (approximately $64 per month).


Taking into account that Salon’s 2017 report showcased a 13.1 million traffic, it would seem plausible to employ such a monetization method, provided that enough users will agree to the renewed privacy policy.

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