Breweries Donate Water Cans to Harvey Victims

It seems like Hurricane Harvey is doing huge damages but in a way, it’s also uniting people. Two of the world’s most important beer breweries are helping the victims of this fierce storm. They are sending about 205.000 cans of cold, clean water to those people in need. Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Georgia and MillerCoors from Chicago are the companies which have decided to make this gesture. They are going to send those cans of drinking water to the people which have endured even over 30 inches of rain. Especially in the southeastern parts of Texas.  

Cans of cold emergency drinking water

On Monday, Anheuser-Busch brewery revealed that it sent about 50.000 water cans to Louisiana, to a facility belonging to the Red Cross. After that, the company decided to send another transport with over 100.000 water cans to Texas. After that, another brewery, MillerCoors, took the decision to also send about 50.000 such cans to Texas. One of their smaller facilities received them. From there, trucks needed to distribute the water to the Red Cross bases. Moreover, the brewery donated $25.000 to the Red Cross, money also needed to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

It’s worth noting that MillerCoors said that it started this water distribution program this summer. Back then, it first helped the victims of the severe floods in Illinois and Wisconsin. On the other hand, according to Sarah Schilling, who is the brew master for Anheuser-Busch brewery in Cartersville, they sometimes stop the production of beer and begin canning fresh water. This time, they always have something to help those people in need with. She argued that by providing water and putting in collective effort it’s maybe the best way in which they can help. Especially in such cases of natural disasters.

A much-needed help

It’s also very interesting that Anheuser-Busch already had enough water cans to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey when the Red Cross called for help. The company is not at its first attempt to help save lives. Last year, it helped the victims of floods from all over the Unite States with cans of fresh water. This included the victims of wildfires, Hurricane Matthew and Louisiana floods. It’s first brewery was officially opened back in 1852.

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