Burger King Releases a Special Whopper Donut Just in Time for Donut Day

Every day, people celebrate all kinds of crazy holidays, starting from animal days to different food celebrations. If you love sweets, then you must see National Donut Day as one of the best holidays out there. Apart from all the free donuts you can get, some companies decided to launch some donut-based marketing campaigns. Burger King is one of them, bringing the Whopper Donut exclusively on Donut Day.

Burger King is celebrating Donut Day properly

These holidays are a great source of fun but, most importantly, offer companies great chances to advertise their products and attract more customers. This Wednesday, Burger King announced a special offer just in time for the best holiday of all.

On Friday, the US is celebrating National Donut Day, and Burger King has prepared a surprise. On this day only, several locations of the fast food will prepare the special Whopper Burger recipe. In fact, this is nothing you haven’t heard of. Burger King will offer its most popular burger but in a donut shape, as a way to celebrate the holiday but also keep its signature intact.

This campaign is a strategical move to get more customers

However, the campaign is even better than that. To prepare the Whopper Burgers, Burger King will cut holes in the center of the bun and the meat filling. If you’re looking for an extra treat, you can opt for a side of the “donut hole”.

The yummy donut burger might have spiced the interest of many people, but Burger King wants to keep everything quite exclusive. This means you’ll be able to buy the Whopper Burger in only five locations in the US. The stores in question are found in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, and Salt Lake City.

This might be a clever move for Burger King, from a marketing point of view. Even if there’s nothing special about the donut burger, people will definitely fight to get one. What is appealing is the form in which it is presented, even if it has nothing too special to offer.

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