California Goes Green –Bill Requires Solar Panels on Newly-Built Houses

Considered to be one of the greenest states in the US, California recently took its fight against greenhouse gas emissions to the next level. A recently-passed bill will make solar panels mandatory to new homes. By 2030, 50% of the state’s electricity will be produced by these solar panels. House prices might go up.

Solar Panels Bill Might Increase Construction Cost, Analysts Declared

On Wednesday, a California Energy Commission spokesperson declared that all members voted in favor of the latest renewable energy bill.

Considered to be a milestone in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, this regulation will compel construction companies to add solar panels to every newly-built homes.

There are however exceptions to this rule. According to the state agency’ spokesperson, houses built under the shade will be exempts from this regulation.

The plan, which should go into effect no later than the 1st of January 2020, will also allow homeowners to save more money spent on utilities. According to an official estimation, residents should be able to save up to $80 per month on lighting, heating, and cooling bills.

However, mortgages are expected to rise with as much as $40 per month. Still, the new environmental-friendly regulation could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with as much as removing 115,000 vehicles running on fossil fuel.

California’s latest green could also spike construction prices. Andrew McAllister, a member of the California Energy Commission, declared that homes with mandatory solar panels might cost up to $12,000.


Still, it’s a step forward to combat climate change by taking advantage of the latest technologies in the area of renewable energy.

Should the plan be carried out, California is looking forward to producing more than half of its electricity with solar panels.

The green bill is expected to create approximately 2.3 million jobs over the next five years.

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