Carbon Dioxide Shortage in the UK Will Affect the Beer Production in the World Cup Season

The summer is here, so the season of barbecues is at its peak. Also, the World Cup is here, so there’s no better moment to enjoy some grilled meat and a cold beer with your friends. However, people in the UK might have to face a sudden shortage in beer and meat, as the levels of carbon dioxide in the country are low.

Carbon dioxide supplies are low in the UK

A special type of carbon dioxide is necessary in food production, as it keeps packed products safe and fresh. Also, it’s vital for all kinds of carbonated drinks, anything from beer to soda. However, this year, the UK struggled with an unusual break in ammonia production.

This substance is essential to obtain the carbon dioxide used for food and drinks, and the long break disrupted all these processes. The situation is a lot serious than it seems, according to the UK authorities. They described it as the worst case of carbon dioxide shortage in the industry over the past few decades.

The low CO2 supplies will lead to beer and meat shortages

Usually, the country produces quite an important quantity of carbon dioxide. However, because of the ammonia production break, only one carbon dioxide plant has been functional this week. UK could also import the chemical, but it turns out it wasn’t the only country dealing with CO2 shutdowns.

This is a critical situation for the economy, especially at this time of the year. Since the warm season is here, people consume a lot more meat than usual, as they organize summer barbecues. Also, it’s the World Cup, so the British drink more beer than in other moments of the year.

The carbon dioxide supplies in the country are not enough to cover the demand for these products, and the factories are quite desperate. According to the authorities, this shortage is likely to last at least until the end of June. Therefore, if you live in the UK, get ready for fewer beer and meat products in the supermarkets.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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