Carlos Ghosn Will Be Stepping Down From His Nissan CEO Role

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Nissan Motor announced that Carlos Ghosn will be stepping down from his CEO position.

Nissan Motor issued a press release earlier this week. And with it, came the announcement that Carlos Ghosn will be stepping down from his role as the Nissan CEO.

The Nissan Motor Company Ltd. is a multinational automobile manufacturer. It was founded in 1933 and is based in Yokohama, Japan. Back in 1999, Nissan entered a partnership with Renault. Which led to the appearance of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Mitsubishi is also a part of this alliance.

Carlos Ghosn acted as CEO for both Renault and Nissan. Nonetheless, this will soon change. According to the Nissan Motor announcement, Ghosn will be stepping down from his CEO role within the company.

Carlos Ghosn has been the Nissan Chief Executive Officer for these past 16 years. Following his departure, he will be replaced by another company veteran. Hiroto Saikawa will be filling the position. Presently, Saikawa is occupying a co-CEO role. But starting from April 1st, 2017, he will the company’s sole CEO.

Carlos Ghosn is a quite busy man. For the past years, he has been serving as both the Nissan and Renault CEO. And beginning with December 2016, he added a third chairmanship. Then, Ghosn was named the Mitsubishi Motors Chairman.

The position came after Mitsubishi joined the Renault-Nissan alliance. This event took place last year, in 2016. And it occurred following Nissan’s acquisition of a controlling stake in Mitsubishi.

Although Carlos Ghosn will be stepping down from his Nissan CEO role, he will not be leaving the company. He will still fill the Chairman position. Ghosn will also continue being the Renault and Mitsubishi Chairman. Carlos Ghosn will also continue as the Renault Group CEO.

As such, he will still be holding a top position in the automaker group. One that has joined the ranks of top vehicle producers. Renault Group joined the likes of Volkswagen and Toyota Motor. More exactly, it is one of the automakers to produce around 10 million vehicles per year.

Market analysts have been speculating for years about the following fact. They have been debating Ghosn’s top job at not one but two companies. And they were speculating as to when he will be turning his attention to just one company. And which one it will be.

Following the CEO announcement, Carlos Ghosn also released a statement. And in it, he offered the following details. Ghosn stated that his decision is based on his newest Mitsubishi responsibilities. As such, the “time is right” for Hiroto Saikawa to take over.

Saikawa has been acting as co-CEO since November 2016. And prior to that, he filled the Nissan Chief Competitive Officer position. He is also the head of the Japanese auto industry lobby.

But Ghosn will still continue supervising Nissan Motor. He will be able to do so from his company Chairman position. And also due to his role in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. As such, he will continue guiding the company both independently and as part of the group.

In the auto industry, Carlos Ghosn is known as the “Le cost killer”. As such, analysts are predicting the following changes. As he will be handing over the Nissan reigns, he will most likely be focusing on other areas.

Or more exactly, on Renault. And on further leveraging the automaker alliance’s scale. He might try to lower the R&D, procurement, and production costs. And for all of the alliance’s automaker groups.

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