Cerner CEO Neal Patterson, Dead at 67

According to an official statement from Cerner, its co-founder and CEO unfortunately passed away on Sunday at the age of 67. The company is saying that Neil Patterson lost the hard battle he was fighting for years with a cancer affecting his soft tissues. Even if he had treated it before, it seems like some complications abruptly ended his life. After hearing the sad news, all the Kansas City areas (he also owned a big part of Sporting Kansas City) sent their condolences and made their grief known. From the city hall to the fans of Sporting, they all showed how much they respected the man and what an important loss this is.

Neil Patterson Cerner CEO Killed by Cancer at 67

Also on Sunday, the company’s vice chairman Cliff Illig became the new chairman and temporary CEO. The two actually founded the Cerner company together about 38 years ago. Since then, they have been working together. They helped each other and transformed their business in the biggest private employer in that area. Moreover, it’s also the most important medical records company in the United States. In the statement from the company, Illig also expressed his profound pain. He also said that Patterson was one of those people who loved to combine health with technology. He would wake up in the morning thinking that he needed to do more for the country that day than he did the day before.

Neil Patterson (Cerner CEO) was born in Oklahoma in a family of farmers. After he finished his studies and graduated with an MBA from Oklahoma State University, he, along with two friends, started what would become the largest medical records company in the entire country. His intuition made the company progress exactly during the time when medical records were moving into the digital area. His passing came after on Friday, another important businessman, James B. Nutter, also sadly passed away.

Presenting condolences

Many companies and people expressed their grief and offered their condolences via Twitter messages. One of them was City Manager Troy Schulte, who also mentioned the death of Nutter. The Kansas City Royals account did the same.

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