Rodent Baked into Chick-fil-A Sandwich, Woman Claims

A woman from Philadelphia has reportedly recently sued Chick-fil-A because she found a little more than she wanted in her sandwich. She claims that a dead rodent was on the bottom bun of her chicken sandwich she. According to the lawsuit that Ellen Manfalouti filed in Bucks County Court, the workers baked the very small animal with the bun and used that bun to make her sandwich, without analyzing it thoroughly. She also explained that she wasn’t the one who picked up the sandwich. One of her colleagues did from a restaurant in Langhorne, back in November.

A dead rodent inside a sandwich

Reportedly, the two co-workers started eating their sandwiches inside a conference room. They both work at an insurance company. On Monday, the woman explained that when she started eating her sandwich, she felt something unusual on its bottom. So, she turned the bun and realized that it was something burned in it. She then told her colleague that the restaurant had burned her bun very badly. Cara Phelan, Manfalouti’s co-worker, also explained that immediately after her colleague left the sandwich on the table upside down, they could both see that it was something else in there.

That burned area was actually a small rodent that the workers had probably cooked along with the bun. It was the full animal and it even had a tail and whiskers. According to Bill Davis, who is Manfalouti’s lawyer, he filed the lawsuit just last week. Moreover, he filed it against the owner of the franchise, Dave Heffernan. However, after the restaurant Phelan bought the sandwich from didn’t answer their requests, he filed a lawsuit against them too. At the moment, the fast-food chain said that it cannot offer any details or comments regarding this unfortunate situation.

Problems for Chick-fil-A

Ellen Manfalouti reportedly wants about $50,000 both for psychological and physical damages which this situation inflicted on her. According to her, she had to go to a hospital because she was experiencing extreme nausea. Moreover, a therapist treated her for anxiety issues and she wasn’t able to eat normally for entire weeks after the incident with the rodent. It seems like Chick-fill-A might be in big trouble this time because the woman also took photos of the sandwich so they cannot deny it.

Image source: flickr

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