China Eastern Flight Lands Safely with Hole in Engine

A China Eastern flight which needed to arrive in Shanghai returned to Sydney because of an emergency, according to what a spokeswoman said on Monday. Some pictures showed a hole in one of the casings of the airplane’s engines. The airplane was an Airbus A330-200 twin jet and fortunately, it landed safely in Sydney, late on Sunday. According to Kathy Zhang, general manager for the Oceania region at China Eastern Airlines, the crew immediately noticed that there was something wrong with one of the engines, the left one. This is why they took the decision to return to Sydney. Everyone on board, including crew and passengers, landed without issue.

A hole in one of the engines’ casings

Many Australian media outlets published a series of photographs which showed a large hole over a meter long in the left engine’s casing. The Australia Transport Safety Bureau has already started an investigation. Any news about what could have caused this issue will probably become available within a month, or even sooner. According to a spokeswoman for Rolls-Royce, company which manufactured the plane’s engines, the company knows what happened. Theyalso promised to work closely with the customer and partners to discover the cause of the issue. Airbus has also declared that it’s collaborating with Rolls-Royce and supporting the investigation into the matter.

Professor Jason Middleton, an aviation expert at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, said that the engine cowling seemed to have been ripped away. He also explained that if this was the case, it will be very difficult to determine the exact cause. It could have happened from many reasons, one of them being loose screws. Aviation authorities from both China and Australia are going to take part in the investigation.

The plane landed safely

Kathy Zhang also said that Cathay Pacific had thoroughly inspected the plane before it took off and found nothing wrong. According to reports from a television station, the passengers of the flight heard a loud noise immediately after the plane took off. After that, they started smelling burning. The passengers said that the crew tried to calm them down. They also told them everything was going to be all right. Fortunately, everybody arrived in Sydney completely fine.

Image source: wikimedia


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