Chipotle Battles Customer Illnesses Issue

It seems like Chipotle Mexican Grill is battling another legal problem. One that is seriously shaking the company’s reputation that it has been trying to regain after the similar issue it faced a few years ago. Now, an angry shareholder has filed a lawsuit claiming that the food chain doesn’t have clean restaurants. Moreover, that even if it does, it cannot keep them that way. This entire situation is happening after Tuesday, a Chipotle restaurant in Virginia closed down after a supposed outbreak of norovirus. On Wednesday, some people even said that rodents were falling from the ceiling of a Chipotle restaurant in Texas.

Chipotle facing legal problems

It’s worth mentioning that back in March, the company came on top in a rather similar lawsuit. Investors filed that one which claimed that stock price had dropped because many people became sick after eating at Chipotle during 2015. Back then, the judge ended the case by saying that the claims were unsubstantiated. It’s interesting that the same investors are now struggling to file that lawsuit once again, this time in Manhattan. However, in May this year, the food chain had to deal with some more problems. Many clients from Los Angeles filed lawsuits claiming that they became sick two years ago after eating the company’s products.

It seems like these fresh legal problems are shaking the confidence and stability that the company has been trying to build following the many problems it had. Chipotle is also in the middle of a new campaign meant to convince customers about the quality of the ingredients in their food. The food chain even used one of the members of the famed Wu-Tang Clan hip hop group, RZA. However, it seems like investors are not impressed by those efforts, and have turned their focus towards the cases of infection with norovirus.

Food-borne illnesses

The person that filed the Tuesday lawsuit is claiming that the company falsely claimed to have dealt with the problems it had in 2015. That year, Chipotle closed all the locations in the United States after a large number of clients became sick. Until now, the food chain’s spokesperson didn’t offer any detail about this lawsuit. He also didn’t say anything about the company’s point of view.

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