Cruise Lines Undergoing Rescue Missions in the Caribbean

Over these past days, Hurricane Irma devastated a large number of regions in the Caribbean Islands. However, it seems like people are willing to help those who have suffered great losses because of this natural phenomenon. This is why cruise lines have begun sending their ships with the purpose of helping those in need with supplies, or to even rescue people who are currently left stranded. The cruise line called Enchantment of the Seas, belonging to the Royal Caribbean International, even evacuated its employees because of the enormous storm. Michael Bayley, CEO and president, promised on Saturday that his company would sent four large ships to help those people in need. Norwegian Cruise Line also promised on Friday to send a large ship to pick up stranded people.

Helping those in need

Bayley also declared that most of the ships belonging to the Royal Caribbean, because they are empty following the storm, are now full of supplies for the people there. The CEO declared that the cruise line has been such a great part of those people’s lives that it cannot just leave them struggle in the storm’s aftermath. So, the company is going to do everything it can to help them. One of the largest ships, called The Majesty of the Seas, is going to arrive in the islands of St. Thomas and St. John on Tuesday. The ship transports fresh water, food, ice and many other provisions.

It also seems like the Royal Caribbean is collaborating with the United States Virgin Islands authorities in order to establish how many people it needs to transport. According to some reports, there should be between 1.500 and 3.000 tourists. Another ship, Adventure of the Seas, is also scheduled to help the people in St. Maarten with provisions.

Sending large ships

According to Bayley, about 300 American tourists need to be rescued from the St. Maarten island as soon as possible. Currently, the ship Empress of the Seas is standing by in the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on Irma’s movement, the ship will sail to either Key West or Tampa Bay. There, it will drop provisions or help with the rescue of stranded tourists. The bad news is that Irma is not going to stop soon. Over this week, experts are saying that it might hit Georgia and South Carolina.

Image source: wikimedia


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