Delta Air Lines Issues a Pit Bull Ban Against Service and Emotional Support Dogs

The flying company Delta Air Lines has just taken a decision that outraged a huge number of its customers. It turns out the company made some updates on its animal policy, issuing a pit bull ban. From now on, people will no longer be allowed to bring this dog breed on planes, not even if they are service pets or emotional support animals.

Delta Air Lines struggled with some safety issues involving pit bulls

Given some recent safety issues, Delta Air Lines decided it was time to perform some updates on its animal policy. It adopted the changes in March, but they went public only now. The most outrageous of all is a pit bull ban as service or emotional support animals. These changes will be rolled out starting July 10th.

Delta Air Lines agreed to offer an explanation for these changes. It turns out the company had to struggle with some incidents involving pit bulls that bit the personnel while on the flight. Delta Air Lines said it wanted to maintain the safety both of its customers and of its employees, so they had to issue this pit bull ban.

The pit bull ban includes service dogs as well

The ban is directed at service dogs and emotional support animals since most incidents involved these types of pets. There was an increase of 84 percent of service pit bulls that bit the airline employees. Even if it can be tamed, this dog breed is extremely dangerous. Statistics show that, since 2005, pit bulls have caused 66 percent of deaths only through biting.

Delta Air Lines’ pit bull ban is not unique. There are about 900 cities in the US, as well as many other airline companies, that have adopted similar measures. Plenty of bans are breed-specific, but most of them regard pit bulls as the most dangerous breed out there.

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