Delta Flights Are Still Erratic Five Days After Storm

Wednesday, a massive storm hit Atlanta causing the delay of 3,500 flights. As people were still waiting at the airport on Sunday, the company made a brief public statement, apologizing for the unfortunate situation, and promising that the schedule will be normalized soon. In the meantime, many passengers decided to cancel their trips instead of accepting three-legged flights.

Delta Could Have Prepared Better

Just a week before a five-hour storm managed to ground 3,500 flights Wednesday through Sunday, Delta expressed its concern on how its Atlanta hub was handling its operations. The crew’s schedule, alone, is overly complicated the same pilot and flight attendants never flying in the same plane twice.

Seeing as, if the pilots and flight attendants don’t come as a team, they usually reach their maximum work hours at different times, ending up clocking out in areas where there are no replacements for them.

According to experts, when an airline company gets news of a possible storm, they must cancel flights beforehand. By doing this, they remain ahead of schedule, eliminating the possibility of problems snowballing in, with employees clocking out, and passengers waiting for days on end in an overcrowded airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration Issued a Ground-Call for 4 1/5 hours

While Delta could have handled its employee roster better, the situation is not entirely their fault as the Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground call for all flights for a minimum of 4 1/5 hours during the storm’s peak.

Furthermore, it seems like the problems continued through Wednesday night when isolated storms continued to appear over Atlanta, making it even harder for air flight coordinators to reschedule all outgoing planes.

The Five Days Delay Could Cost Delta During the Long Run

Delta is a big airline company, millions of people flying with them each month. The five-day delay grounded approximately 3,500 Delta flights, which translate into millions of dollars in losses. Moreover, plenty of faithful customers have lost their respect for the company, the problem translating into significant losses over the long run. Even more, the company was still recovering from the loss suffered last August when a black down grounded 2,300 flights.

As of Monday, all Delta flights should be back on track, the company working 27/7 to rebuild the flight schedule and assign all employees to ongoing flights. Seeing as this financial quarter is still debuting, we’ll see in July how the perfect storm affected Delta’s earnings.

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