Dick’s Sporting Goods to Destroy Assault-Style Rifles

During a recent press statement, a Dick’s Sporting Goods spokesperson announced that the company is set to move forward with it’s no assault rifles policy. As a result, the company will destroy its stocks of assault-style rifles in accordance with the federal laws. It’s uncertain how many firearms will be destroyed in the following period.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Green-Lighted Next Stage of Anti-Weapon Policy

In an attempt to distance itself from everything related to gun violence, Dick’s Sporting Goods as decided that the best way to counter tragedies such as Sandy Hook or Marjorie Stoneman is to ban the sale of assault-style rifles.

Following the policy change adopted on the 28th of February, several weeks after Nikolas Cruz opened fire inside the Marjorie Stoneman high school, killing 17 in total. After a brief meeting, the company’s board decided to outlaw assault-style rifles from its shelves and to ban the sale of any types of firearms to anyone under 21.

More than that, the same decision to ban assault rifles also extended to high-capacity magazines. And now, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that it would pull the rest of its stock from its Field and Stream stores and destroy it in accordance with the federal regulations.

Although most analyst claim that Dick’s Sporting Goods’ movement is comparable to a drop in the ocean, it appears to have encouraged other weapon and ammo retailer to act in a similar manner.

However, not all were taken aback by the company’s decision, a man even filing a lawsuit against the company for raising the age bar, a policy that, in some cases, violates state laws.

Still, Dick’s Sporting Goods intends to move forward with its decision to destroy its assault rifle stock. The company’s spokesperson failed to comment when being asked how many products will be disposed of.

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