Domino’s Will Fix Your Roads through the Paving for Pizza Initiative

Domino’s is determined to do anything to protect your favorite meal, so it has decided that paving for pizza should become a thing. Many roads in the US are filled with potholes that disturb everyone’s driving, so the company decided to stop this. It did it for pizza, but also to gain some publicity, by making delivery rides easier and quicker.

Paving for Pizza fixes potholes in the road for a better delivery experience

The Paving for Pizza campaign has already started, and Domino’s chose a city in Delaware as its first subject. So far, the company dealt with 40 potholes spread across ten roads in Milford, but it’s not planning to stop here. Domino’s doesn’t know all the bad roads in the country. Therefore, it has now asked its customers for help to find out what other areas need fixing.

Of course, the authorities have been really welcoming with the Paving for Pizza initiative. This was a great chance for them to get their roads fixed without spending a tremendous amount of money. However, there are many people who blame them for it. They say the government, not private companies, should deal with fixing roads.

Paving for Pizza is a clever publicity stunt

Domino’s talked about the Paving for Pizza initiative and said it did it for the pizza. Because of the many potholes in the roads, the delivery cars bump the pizza boxes, disturbing the cheese and toppings. Whenever the pizzas reached their customers, they had more chances to look bad and to ruin their meals.

Therefore, Domino’s thought it was time to stop this. The company launched a platform,, where people can help it find new damaged spots. If you want to enjoy a nice pizza without troubles, you can log in on the platform and nominate a bad road for Domino’s to fix. Once the nominations are done, the Paving for Pizza campaign will offer funds to local authorities to do the work.

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