Elon Musk Might Have the Solution for Puerto Rico’s Crisis

After Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico and destroyed almost everything in its way, millions of people have been left completely in the dark. The island’s very weak and fragile electricity system has been knocked out and now, two weeks after the disaster, only 9% of Puerto Ricans have electricity.

However, it seems like there might be someone with the desire and possibility to help with the energy crisis. Billionaire, entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla tweeted on Thursday that his company might have the solution. He said that the power unit of his company could be a solution and not only a temporary one, but on the long term. In his tweet, Musk explained that Tesla has already done the same thing for many other small islands. But the size doesn’t matter, so Puerto Rico can receive this kind of help too.

Elon Musk offers to help Puerto Rico

Not much time passed and Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló answered Musk’s tweet. He said that they should meet and talk about this possibility. Moreover, Puerto Rico could even become Tesla’s flagship project when it comes to what the company can actually do. The power system in Puerto Rico is very old, and the island imported and burned oil to generate it. What Tesla proposes would be a huge change for them.

It’s interesting that because of the outdated power system, residents were paying enormous electric bill for entire years. According to reports, a bill could even go as high as $250, which is not normal for such a small island.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tesla has helped other islands before with the same issue. For example, the company built solar energy grids for the island of Kauai, in Hawaii. Musk said scalability is possible, but Kauai has 70,000 people, while Puerto Rico has about 3.4 million.

A flagship project

Moreover, back in July, Musk intervened into another large energy crisis. Back then, he promised to deliver the biggest lithium ion battery in the world to South Australia. The communities there were suffering from large power shortages. And, in order to do all those things, the company bought SolarCity last November, for $2.6 billion.

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