Elon Musk Shares First Glimpse of Tesla Model 3

It seems like billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors has decided that it’s time to present the new Tesla Model 3 vehicle to the entire world. It’s interesting that this unveiling happens over a year after he first announced the car. So, on Sunday, the chief executive posted some messages on Twitter to which he also attached two exclusive photos with the upcoming vehicle. This car’s purpose is to become the basic transportation method for ordinary people who need to go to work, school, college, or anywhere else, every day. This is why, according to Musk, its price will be very accessible for everyone, especially considering that a battery powers the Model 3.

A big reveal

The first image Musk tweeted is in black and white and it’s taken from a little bit down below, so that people can see its front. People can have a better look at the car’s wheels and overall design. Both photos appear to be taken outside Tesla’s headquarters. The second photo shows the vehicle from one side and it’s in color this time. This time, those interested can observe the aerodynamical design, the back of the car as well as the front and doors. The Model 3 looks elegant, while at the same time being a practical vehicle for everyday use.

It’s also worth noting that both of those images look quite a bit like the very first car the Tesla CEO unveiled last year. Also on Twitter, he said that he shouldn’t have had the first car of the model. However, Ira Ehrenpreis, the founder of DBL Partners, preferred to offer the rights to Musk as a birthday present. He turned 46-years old on 28 June. So, other 30 lucky people who were on the waiting list for the car will receive their own during the month of July.

A highly-anticipated vehicle

According to some statistics, the company will be busy in the following months with about 370,000 reservations for the Model 3. Experts are saying that this could be the beginning of an age where everyone will have access to an electric car. However, it all depends on how quick can the company produce them.

Image source: flickr

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