Elon Musk Tweets About Building a Cyborg, Fire-Breathing Dragon

Because using earth-made, real-life Lego bricks to build stuff is not enough, Elon Musk, the big Kahuna of Boring Company, SpaceX, and Tesla has recently tweeted about how his company has taken the first steps in building a fully-functional fire dragon (Dragonborn approves!).

Elon Musk Refers to ISS’s Dragon Capsule, Fans Claim

Elon Musk has yet again managed to stir his fans after he wrote on his official Twitter account that The Boring Company is involved in some top-secret, hush-hush project. As usual, he gave no details but did, in fact, mention something about constructing a gigantic, fire-breathing, cybernetic dragon.

Hoax or the real McCoy? At this point anything can be possible, considering that the man and his company actually managed to put together a fully functional and downright portable flamethrower inspired by Zork’s armory from The Fifth Element.

On the subject of Musk’s innovations, the fire-breathing cybernetic dragon idea might not be so far-fetched taking given that The Boring Company developed a process that turns plain dirt into eco-friendly construction materials.

As far as the project is concerned, some of Musk’s fans believe that the eccentric multi-millionaire isn’t referring to the actual fairy-tale creature but to something more down to earth or up to space, in this case.

A Twitter user wrote that Musk’s cybernetic dragon is SpaceX’s low-cost space capsule, used to transport astronauts, supplies, and research equipment to the International Space Station. Coincidentally, the capsule’s name is Dragon, and it was showcased as being the cheapest way to keep the ISS guys well-stocked.


Although most agree that this is the case, given Musk’s past comments and tweets, we shouldn’t be too surprised if we spot a red smudge on the sky, shrieking and spurting fire as it flaps its wings.

Like always, Elon Musk asked his fans and investors to be patient, as all shall be revealed.

Image source: Flickr

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