Elon Musk Thinks AI is More Dangerous than North Korea

The concern regarding artificial intelligence and the fast pace it’s evolving at has been a subject of debate in the recent years. Most recently, famous physicist Stephen Hawking warned people about AI and the power it might come to possess. Now, it seems like more and more people from the tech world have come to believe that, one day, artificial intelligence might rule the world and become extremely dangerous. This is probably why on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to express his opinions in regards with this matter.

The problem with artificial intelligence

The main idea Elon Musk revolved around in his tweets was that according to which people nowadays should worry more about AI than about North Korea. His first message encouraged people to become more aware of the growing powers of AI. This could have also been clue in regards with United States president Donald Trump and his growing tensions with North Korea. A sign that he should start worrying about the most pressing issue and leave the nuclear war discussion.

Musk’s second tweet informed his followers about another worrying fact. That artificial intelligence has managed to defeat, for the very first time, the best players of eSports in the world. Those are a lot more difficult to play than the board games we all know and enjoy with our friends. It’s interesting that Musk referred to his startup called OpenAI. This particular AI managed to beat those players.

Finally, in his third tweet, Musk encouraged the idea that AI should be regulated. Everything that is potentially dangerous receives this treatment, so why not artificial intelligence too?

More pressing than the North Korean threat

Elon Musk’s Twitter messages come after the tensions between the United States and North Korea have heightened. The president has not done anything to calm the situation, on the contrary. He threatened the nation and said that the U.S. will not stand by should any more nuclear tests happen. Everything began when North Korea continued testing its nuclear program without listening to anyone. On Tuesday, Trump warned the communist country that he will hit with “fire and fury” if this situation continues. North Korea answered that it plans to hit Guam this month.

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