EU And Facebook Are Not The Best Friends

The European Union has been keeping an eye on Facebook, especially after the company provided the investigators with misleading or false info.

The commission has been trying to establish whether Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp is legal. More precisely, the company bought WhatsApp with $19 billion in 2014. If it turns out that this acquisition was illegal, and that the company gave the investigators incorrect info, Facebook could get a fine of roughly one percent of its global revenue in 2014.

It means that the tech giant will lose $200 million. Margrethe Vestager, the Europe’s competition chief, says that the company failed to match the individual accounts with the WhatsApp accounts of every user.

Earlier this year, the tech giant announced that it would start sharing users’ info between the two services. Vestager underlines that this announcement was more than controversial because Facebook didn’t do the same thing when it tried to obtain EU’s approval to purchase WhatsApp.

Vestager explains that every large company must provide the European Commission with accurate info during an investigation. By respecting this obligation, the company proves that it is willing to cooperate.

In Facebook’s case, the investigators believe that there is something the company wanted to hide about its 2014 purchase. However, a Facebook spokesperson said that the company did nothing illegal. Also, the officials claim that they provided accurate info regarding their technical plans and capabilities.

They further added they would not interfere with the European Commission’s investigation. In other words, the company is either bluffing, or it’s sure that the investigators will come to the conclusion that Facebook did nothing illegal and that it didn’t provide misleading or incorrect info.

It is worth mentioning that Germany requested Facebook and several other social media platforms, such as YouTube, and Twitter, to remove any terrorist and aggressive story in maximum 24 hours.

Although these giant tech companies have designed their own plans to address this issue, the European Commission will not rest until Facebook proves that the WhatsApp acquisition was legal.

It is true that Facebook had tremendous profits and revenues over the past few years, but the investigators don’t care that the company is so successful as long as it might threaten the safety of 500 million people living in the EU jurisdiction.

Image source: Sipse 

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