Facebook Will Ban Businesses that Run Untruthful Shopping Ads

There are many people who are constantly annoyed by ads popping up on social media, but Facebook wants to make the user experience as good as possible. From now on, the platform will allow users to report unfaithful shopping ads and the businesses they come from. Maybe you clicked on Facebook ads and bought something that looked nothing like what they presented. By reporting it, the platform might even ban the company from publishing ads.

Facebook wants to improve the quality of shopping ads

Websites need ads, but some of them might turn really intrusive. To keep users as happy as possible, Facebook decided to review its ads and remove the bad ones. This campaign seeks to reduce unpleasant shopping experiences and ban businesses that promote fake ads.

Facebook wants shopping ads to meet a few requirements. The business in question should offer good customer service, offer good quality products, and ship them in time. If this doesn’t happen, the platform is determined to ban them from ever running ads on Facebook.

Facebook will eventually ban the businesses with fake ads

Here’s how the mechanism will work. If you have purchased something from shopping ads, Facebook will send you some notifications. These will ask you to review your experience with the business, so you can share any negative details. You can leave reviews on your own, too, on the Ads Activity tab.

However, Facebook won’t ban the companies immediately. After receiving a negative review, it will send a warning and continue monitoring the activity of the business. If it doesn’t see any improvements, then the social media platform will limit its shopping ads and, eventually, ban it.

This sounds like a great idea to improve the quality of shopping ads on the platform. Some businesses might fear customers could leave malicious but unjust reviews, but Facebook wants to be reasonable. It will make sure the complaints are well-reasoned and will work to everyone’s benefit.

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