Facebook Changes Mission Statement to “Bring the World Together”

Until now, the official mission statement for Facebook was “Making the world more open and connected”. However, on June 22, Mark Zuckerberg announced an important change at the Facebook Communities Summit for top Group admins. In celebration of almost reaching 2 billion users, the social media giant changed its mission statement in “Bring the World closer together”. At the same event, he also announced some new group management tools and said that for the past ten years, the tech giant has been busy making the entire world more open and connected. He admitted that he was wrong to think that by giving people a voice, things would immediately become better. The world is still divided. So, he now wants to bring people closer together, not to just connect the world.

A new mission statement

Moreover, Zuckerberg said that this new mission is not simply a philosophy, but a goal. He declared that Facebook want to bring more people together by encouraging them to join some meaningful and helpful communities. If they will manage to do this, the global decline in community membership would be reversed. Also, this move would strengthen the company and bring the world closer together. At the moment, the social media giant considers about 100 million group members as being meaningful.

This change in Facebook’s mission statement might represent a turning point in its history. This transformation began when many accused the platform of promoting fake news and helping a certain candidate win the presidency. After that, Zuckerberg made public a 6,000-word letter called “Building Community”. In it, he focused on what Facebook could do to help with this situation. He came back to these ideas in his Harvard commencement speech. He then said that everyone could help create a world where each individual has a purpose.

Bringing the world closer together

According to Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, the platform has reached such a level of influence that from now on, it’s very important to do everything possible to become the greatest force for good. He also called this “closeness” a certain “form of connection”. Now, some are wondering if the company will leave aside the business part of it and focus on this primary goal.

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