Facebook Has New Feature for Ordering Food

Facebook’s already famous plan in the long run is to bring more people together in one community. And while not everyone agrees that this is a good idea, it certainly is a very ambitious plan. However, the company’s latest feature will also bring a food ordering service which users will be able to access directly from the app.

According to a press release, from now on, users will be able to find and access the new Order Food feature right from the explore page. The social media giant is saying that the feature will bring together restaurants, local spots and the ability to order food directly from there. The idea is to have everything you need in one place. Why wouldn’t Facebook be that place?

Order food directly from Facebook

The same press release stated that delivery services like DoorDash or EatStreet will be combined with restaurants like Five Guys or Panera for a seamless experience. Moreover, as Facebook is all about bringing people together, the new feature will also include reviews and opinions from friends as well as recommendations.

It’s actually very easy to access the service. Just tap on the Order Food tab on the Explore page of the app. That will take you to a page full of food options from a large number of restaurants. Depending on what restaurant you choose, you will also have various food delivery services to choose from. Also, you can choose to go and pick up your order yourself. According to the social-media giant, this interesting feature has been in the works for over a year and that it won’t stop here. It will continuously expand and add more restaurants and food delivery partners. Moreover, this feature is now active on every version of Facebook, both mobile (for iOS and Android) and desktop.

A useful new feature

It’s also interesting how people will not have to go off Facebook to access the page of a delivery partner. Instead, everything will be done inside the platform, providing a seamless and relaxing experience for people. It’s worth noting that Facebook won’t charge anything extra from this feature. So, basically, it won’t be a source of revenue for the company. It’s just there to make their users’ lives easier.

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