Facebook Is Testing Paid Subscriptions for Groups to Help Content Creators

Facebook is a free platform for its users, but this doesn’t mean monetization is an impossible process. As a result, it has just announced it would test a program where people would have to pay subscriptions for groups. More precisely, group administrators will be given the chance to apply fees to their members in exchange for premium content.

Would you pay for exclusive content on Facebook groups?

Some groups might contain really valuable information, so Facebook decided to take advantage of it. Users might be willing to pay to access a certain type of content, so the platform will be testing subscriptions for groups.

Therefore, for fees between $5 and $30, users will access all kinds of information, including special content from the creator of the group of membership items. However, you shouldn’t worry you will miss out on your group’s content. Facebook revealed these subscriptions will be available only for a limited number of groups.

These subscriptions for groups should allow creators to sell their content

When asked about the initiative behind subscriptions for groups, Facebook said it was doing it for content creators. Usually, these people need to split between the free and the paying group. For the second one, they might need to resort to Paypal or other similar services to receive money for their content.

However, subscriptions for groups make the whole process easier. Once users make their payments, group admins will be able to get their money directly from the social media platform. These subscriptions for groups will be available monthly so, at the beginning of every month, people can cancel them.

This sounds like a great opportunity for Facebook to get a part of the revenue as well. While the program undergoes testing, the platform said it won’t take any shares from these subscriptions. However, if users welcome it well and start paying for premium features, Facebook might start collecting some money as well.

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