A False Report of Gunshots Causes Panic During the Rush Hour

The Pennsylvania Station
On April 14, a false report about a gunman was spread around at the Penn Station causing a chaos.

During the rush hours, a false report of gunshots triggered chaos among commuters who started rushing towards the exit on April 14 at Pennsylvania Station. The Amtrak police caught an outraged homeless man who was spreading false rumors regarding a gunman, making everybody there to be panicked and cause a jam pack.

People were terrified after hearing that a gunman is at Penn Station

A woman from South Brunswick, New Jersey, who was there, among all the terrified commuters and she confessed to the media that she heard people screaming and saw them rushing to the exit doors. Unfortunately, she got stuck at the Penn Station K-Mart. At around 6:30 p.m, passenger were waiting for their trains when they heard the scranch of a Taser and they really believed that the rumor about the gunshots was true.

That was the moment when the mayhem has begun. They did not know that the crackle of the Taser they heard was used by the police against the homeless man who falsely reported the gunshots. Tali Sanders, an 11-year-old boy, was crying due to all that chaos when he heard people saying that a gunman was heading towards them on the platform. All people were just peacefully waiting for their trains when the chaos was unleashed.

The false report was spread around by a homeless man and the chaos was unleashed

They have all missed their trains and started an uncontrolled stampede, heading towards the exits. This chaotic attitude from the Penn Station had quickly spread reaching Macy’s, located at just one block away on 34th Street when someone entered the store warning people about the inexistent gunman. Irina Yakubow, an employee at Macy’s, told the media how a person entered their store screaming that a shooter is at the Penn Station.

A customer who was at that moment in the shop argued that he saw all the personnel and shoppers got panicked, but he confessed that nothing happened. Ryan Maggio, a 23-year-old man from Prescott, Ontario stated that everybody was scared and panicked, but it was just a false report. All the shoppers started running, dropping their bags.

The homeless man who was Tased by the police was brought to the police station. At the scene, 11 people got medical care due to minor injuries caused by the scrimmage. No shots were fired. A lot of videos started appearing on social media, showing how terrified commuters were running and screaming while some left behind their belongings and just wanted to get out of there.

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