Family Booted from Flight After Child Kicks Passenger’s Seat

A family from New York is claiming that the JetBlue Airlines staff kicked them off a flight without any apparent reason. The incident took place last month and the only explanation they could think of was that their child was kicking a passenger’s seat before that happened. However, it seems like the company has a completely different side of the same story. The situation that took place on June 21 at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was far more serious. The family reportedly began threatening the staff both verbally and physically and had a completely inappropriate behavior.

A bizarre incident

According to the family’s attorney, after Tamir Raanan and his wife, Mandy Ifrah, along with their three kids occupied their seats, one of the children, who was just 1-year old, began kicking the seat of the passenger in front of them. He also said that the woman apologized to the passenger. However, that person offensively suggested her that she should tie the child’s feet down. She reportedly didn’t react and that was the entire story. The attorney compared it to the moments when drivers show each other the finger in traffic but then just continue.

However, the problems started when a supervisor from the company informed them that they had to get off the plane. According to the attorney, the person didn’t even say that respectfully, but humiliated the entire family in front of all the passengers. Only a video taken with a phone became public and it shows the family talking with that supervisor in an angry manner. The person said that it would be better to get off the plane to discuss the situation. Ifrah responded that they can talk about it on the plane. Also, that she doesn’t agree to take her three kids off.

Problems for JetBlue Airlines?

After they got off the plane, the family continued to ask for answers about this behavior. The supervisor said that the company didn’t need to offer any answers or excuses. Another problem was that the family’s luggage arrived in New York on that same plane. So, they had to buy everything they needed again to take care of the children. The family believed they were taken off because their child was kicking the passenger’s seat, However, it seems like the company had another explanation. According to them, they had to remove the family because they were threatening another passenger. The family’s attorney says that this is not at all true.

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