Family Kicked Out of JetBlue Flight Over a Birthday Cake

It seems like this month, airline company JetBlue kicked off a family who was en route to a birthday in Las Vegas from one of their flights. The reason for this was reportedly a misunderstanding regarding where to place the birthday cake they had brought inside the plane. The members of the family are saying that the crew booted them from the flight even after they moved it to the floor, as the instructions suggest. JetBlue reportedly confirmed the incident which took place on May 3rd before the plane needed to take off from the New York J. F. K. International Airport. However, it seems like the airline’s version of the story is a little different. The family supposedly had an inappropriate behavior which would have put the rest of the passengers and the flight at risk.

The birthday cake is to blame

It is interesting that reports of the incident only surfaced this Saturday, and it happened because a video which the family took surfaced online. The couple, Cameron and Minta Burke from New Jersey, said that they planned the trip as a surprise for Minta’s 40th birthday. They wanted to fly along with their two children to Las Vegas. There, their relatives were waiting. They also though of buying a buttercream cake from a bakery, to celebrate with the rest of the family.

Cameron said that he listened to the instruction of a first flight attendant who talked nicely to him. However, a second flight attendant came and started accosting the first one. He intervened between them to say that everything was fine, but the second flight attendant was not acting normally. JetBlue said that the family had an inappropriate behavior. Also, that they yelled and cursed at the crew. Moreover, they supposedly refused to speak with a team leader about what was happening.

An unusual incident

The crew called some police officers to the scene but they too appear to understand that the man did nothing wrong. Their conversation can be heard in the video the family posted on Twitter. The captain reportedly decided to kick the family off the flight. The airline completely refunded them. The other passengers needed to go through the boarding process again.

Image source: wikimedia

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