Family Link, Google’s Software for Parents, Now Available

Google’s famous parental control software called Family Link is now officially available for anyone in the United States. The software, which only works on Android devices, lets parents more easily manage their apps, it sets certain limits for screen time for the child, and even sets bedtimes for the devices. People should know that this app also works on iOS devices, but it can only control a child’s Android one.

This software was first launched back in March, and it was only available to certain people, through an invitation. Family Link allows parents to analyze and block certain download activities, while also seeing what apps is their child using. To get an idea, they will receive weekly and monthly reports in this regard.

Family Link, a useful parenting software

It’s interesting that this software allows parents to control how much time their child is spending in front of the screen. They can set a number of hours each day during which the child can use the device. They can also set when the device should shut down, because it’s bed time. Parents can set those for every day of the week, so the software lets them be a bit stricter during school nights, for example.

Parents should know that Family Link doesn’t work like other third-party apps in the sense that it doesn’t filter all the content. However, parents can use it for Google’s apps like Chrome or the Search app. Originally, this software needed that both the parent and the child use an Android device. However, this changed back in April when an iOS version was launched. It also reportedly works through a web browser. The software works a bit differently on Android than it does in iOS. The latter version provides a list of restrictions which includes only the apps the child can use.

Managing what you child can access

It’s also worth noting that the Apple version doesn’t allow parents to set time limits. Also, they cannot lock a certain device remotely or see what apps is the child accessing more often. To do this, parents will have to request help from third party apps. Family Link is now available for anyone, but Google has said that it still waits for feedback from users as it how can it improve it.

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