Faraday Future Is Ready To Take On Any Competitor

The Faraday Future FF91 was one of the most exciting attractions at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) thanks to its features.

The event was organized in Las Vegas on the 3rd of January. The company officials announced that the new electric vehicle would be in production by the next year. Also, those who want to become the first buyers are free to make a $5,000-deposit in Faraday’s online order bank.

Although the company is Chinese-funded, it is based in California, so the new autonomous models will ship from there. It is worth mentioning that Faraday has run into some issues over the past few months as the production was held back due to a financial deficit.

Even so, the Faraday Future FF91 made quite an impression Tuesday night because it caught the attention of thousands of people, including journalists and celebrities. Last year, the company presented the first concept vehicle and promised that it would be back in 2017 with a reliable production model.

The FF91 comes with a broad range of high-tech features to take user experience to the next level. There are many HD screens inside the vehicle as well as its own Wi-Fi connection to make sure you will be entertained even during long trips.

The Faraday Future can adapt, recognize, and respond to the driver and the passengers thanks to multiple sensors. Moreover, this autonomous vehicle is so adaptable that it works like a virtual assistant, adjusting settings and turning on videos or music.

According to Richard Kim, the company’s design chief, although this concept has just a few changes in aerodynamics, it can still increase the range by twelve miles. More precisely, the Faraday Future can prevent the wind from becoming an issue because it can lower and raise automatically.

To tackle range anxiety, the company’s engineers created a 130kWh battery pack, which is roughly thirty percent larger than Tesla’s biggest battery pack. As such, the driver will be able to enjoy 378 miles on the road until the vehicle needs to be recharged.

Also, the company says that if you maintain an average 55 mph, the range can be extended to roughly 500 miles. In addition, the Faraday Future FF91 is faster than the best Ferrari as it comes with a 1,050-horsepower. In can reach from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.39 seconds.

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