FDA Hounds Retailers Who Sell Juul Vape Pens to Underage Customers

During a recent statement, a US Food and Drug Administration spokesperson announced that the agency had pressured Juul, the San Francisco-based company who created the popular vape pen, to relinquish all material pertaining to the e-cigarette’ ingredients, design, and marketing. FDA’s move was prompted by concerned parents, school administrators, and politicians.

Juul Vape Pens Designed to Look Like a USB Stick

Scott Gottlieb, FDA’s Commissioner, declared that the agency’s recent move is part of a larger scale action aimed to root out retailers who sell electronic cigarettes to customers under 21. Since the beginning of April, FDA regulators have inspected over 40 US retailers, including popular brands such as Cumberland Farms, 7-Eleven, and Shell.

This ‘blitz,’ as Gottlieb called it, is warranted by an FDA-commissioned study on e-cigarette long-term effects which proved that teenagers who tried Jull vape pens or similar products are more inclined to take up smoking in later life than those who haven’t tried it. So far, FDA regulars have issued warnings to 40 locations around the United States.

Pressured by concerned parents and state officials, FDA has launched an aggressive campaign against the San Francisco-based retail who sells vape pens designed to look like regular USB stick, making them almost impossible to identify.

More than that, some anti-smoking activists have severely criticized Juul, accusing the company of encouraging teen smoking by creating appealing flavors such as cool cucumber and mango.

Statistics show that ever since Juul began marketing its vape pens, it managed to grab more than 50 percent of the e-cigarettes market in just two years.


Even more concerning is the fact that minors have easy access to Juul vape pens, as some retailers fail to follow Juul-imposed protocols pertaining to age check.

With FDA hounding e-cigs retailers all over the country, Juul has announced that, over the following period, it will enforce new sales regulations.

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